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Progress Visits

A Brief Re-examination

Attica Chiropractor Progress Visits

We want you to feel comfortable in our office so you’ll continue your care

It’s impossible to predict how you will respond to chiropractic care. Everyone is different. We’ll have a better idea after a dozen visits or so. Only then can we make a more accurate prediction about what it will take to complete your recovery and what will be needed to help you stay well.

We’ll conduct several of the tests we performed on your first visit. This will give us a way to compare where you are, in relation to where you were. Obviously, this is essential for plotting a more accurate plan for future care.

Changing Recommendations

Hopefully, if your progress is verified by objective examination protocols, we usually modify your visit schedule. With the momentum established from the intensive schedule during the early part of your care, we can often reduce your visit frequency without sacrificing continued progress.

The Danger

About this time, many patients are feeling significantly better. They’re often tempted to discontinue their care. And of course, how long you benefit from chiropractic is always up to you. Please note that you are predisposed to a relapse if you discontinue care before supporting muscles and ligaments are fully healed. This sometimes happens after symptoms disappear.

Just let us know so we can support your decision! Don’t wait! Contact us today to get started with care.

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